Backyard Aquaponics

Aquaponics Systems are a sustainable food production system that have been praised as being the future of fruit and vegetable production as opposed to traditional farming cultivation.  Backyard Aquaponics systems use a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture and offer a lot of benefits that favor this method over normal farming procedures.

In aquaculture systems the plants are fed by a hydroponics system, which is a means of getting water and nutrients to a plants roots by other means then using dirt or soil. Typically the plants are placed in a growing medium that gives them quicker and easier access to the nutrients they need and allows them to grow faster and at a more controlled rate. This method takes out factors that may affect production and affords the grower more control over their plants.

Building a Backyard Aquaponics system is easy enough if you do your homework and understand the mechanics of the system. Before setting out to buy products for your system it is important to first get a grasp on how the system works and what you will need to attain your aquaponics goals. backyard aquaponics

* Number of Plants: The first thing you want to consider is the amount of fruits or vegetables you are intending to produce. The size and shape of your aquaponics system is completely determined by how much you would like to produce in the end. Come up with a realistic number to estimate the amount of fruits or vegetables you would like to grow.

* Determine setting: A backyard Aquaponics system can be utilized in a few regards. You can simply have it outdoors or you can have it in a green house or other protective method. A green house eliminates the risk of animals and harsh weather to affect your overall production. You should consider these risks and plan accordingly.

* Create product list: There are a lot of parts that go into the making of an aquaponics system. You will need to research the different mechanisms that go into an aquaponics system and compile a list of products that you will need to obtain. This will give you an overall estimate of how much the system is going to cost, and will allow you to financially plan better. In this type of system you are controlling everything but the light source. This allows the grower the flexibility to set the system up to their exact specifications but also creates more responsibility. It is always smart to do extra homework and really understand all that is happening in each process in an aquaponics system.

* Purchase Products: The best prices and widest selection are usually online, and a good idea is to research a lot of different sources to find the best price on the parts you will need. This will cut the costs done significantly.

* Make action plan: The last step is to create a plan in a step-by-step manner and go out and make your own aquaponics system. By this point you should really understand how an aquaponics system works and know the mechanics inside and out. By following these steps you will be able to cost efficiently design and build your very own aquaponics system right in your own backyard.

2 Responses to “Backyard Aquaponics”

  1. Jerry Lehman says:

    How do I control my algae in my quadraphonic garden. I Have large Peri lite as my grow media. Any suggestions?

    • Mindy Heick says:

      One way would be to shut off your lights, the lights and sun is what causes the growth. Black out your tank for a week and that will stop it. Later when you start to see it again just cover your tank for a couple days and it will clear up. I have a lid I built for my tank. You can also take a brush, I use a toilet brush and scrub the algae off. Thanks for the question.

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